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This Account Is Dead So I Will Probably Move On To My New Account DubstepMidnight Stay Tuned When I Maded The Account

inactive except games

2014-11-06 12:55:52 by SkyMaster360

yeah i have been inactive and making music and playing games so i decided to have my account discontiuned go to if u wanna hear the lastest for my 5th album and stuff like that

So I'm Going To Release 2 EP Soon One Of The Ep Is By Me Can U Guess Who It Is


And Dark Worlds Is Out Now

I'm Sorry Guy But All Of My Future Tracks R On Audiotool So If U Haven't Checked It Out Yet U Should

Get Super Hyped Because When U Get The Album U Get 16 Skins Picked By Me Free Of Charge 


Hi Guys I Know I Haven't Done A Blog Entry For Awhile But I Was Busy Making Music Anyways The New Release From FireStorm Studios Is Mayhem Of Destruction It Includes 24 Tracks And 15 Artists  But Wait Theres More Get It Now And U Get A Bonus Track Aswell Unfournately None Of The Tracks R On Newgrounds Expect Hide Or Die


The Bonus Is Only Till A Certain Date Then It Would Be Removed




1.Big Beat - Electro Run In Your Blood

2.Luxior - Ghost

3.DJ Dub Gamer - Anulom Vilom

4.SOLACE - Mindset
5.IgnaPon3 - Crimson Rain
6.SkyMaster360 - Hide Or Die
7.DJ Dub Gamer - Death Ray
8.SOLACE, IgnaPon3, Luxior, Almate, Teqtoniq And Kavil - Time Is Candy
9.Big Beat - Pulse
10.Sadface - You're No Fun
11.SOLACE - Strawberry Sunset (ft. Luxior)
12.Luxior - Legends
13.Infyuthsion - Dubcandy (Astroboy Remix)
14.Big Beat - Whirlwind 
15.Astrum - Wormhole 2.0
16.Infyuthsion - CPU
17.Uprising - Stare At The Sun
18.Infyuthsion - Dubcandy
19.SkyMaster360 - Short Fuse
20.Enty - STFU (Explict)
21.ChosenOne - Happy Dark Chillstep
22.Infyuthsion - Cyber Cruise
23.Syntax And Astrum - Wormhole Omega
24.Infyuthsion - Electric Love (Pilgrim's Dubstep Remix)
25.SkyMaster360 - Delta (bonus)

Get It Here For Free:

No Collabarations

2014-06-30 15:10:17 by SkyMaster360

Well I Got Send Lots Of Collab Well I Don't Want Any FireStorm 001 Isn't A Collab Album Is A Album Like Monstercat 017 Or Something Like That

CS Deluxe Edition Out Now

2014-06-27 07:25:25 by SkyMaster360

So I Finally Published The Album And If U Think That FLAC Is Not As Good As WAV Well Listen To It And Find Out


The Link Is


So If Ur Impressed Then Type In The Comments Below How Is The Album Like


U Could Apply Yourself To Be On Is Costs You Nothing To Apply So Don't Worry About Me Keeping Your Money Because I Wouldn't Do That And I'm A Kind Teenager So Don't Worry

So R U Hyped Yet Because I Finished Making The Album Already And Here R The 2 Things U R Going To Get The Orignal CS Cover And Never Seen Before Exclusive Cover Art For My New EP Coming Out Soon And The CS Deluxe Edition Will Be Released On June 27th

So I Said That I Wasn't Going To Think About Making A Deluxe Edition For CS And Now I'm Doing It Including The 2 New Songs Edge Of Dreams And Conspicuous


1.Edge Of The Universe (2014)

2.EMP (2014)

3.Light (2013)

4.Time (2013)

5.Averse (2014)

6.Cats (2013) (Remake)

7.You (2014)

8.Edge Of Dreams (2014)

9.Orbit (2014)

10.Deep Seas (2014)

11.Ocean (2014)

12.Galaxy (2014) (Remake)

13.Conspicuous (2014)

14.Destruction (2013)

15.Snakes (2014)

16.Earth (2014)

17.Hell (2014)

18.Dreamer (2014)

19.Alpha Album Mix (SkyMaster360) (2014)

20.Beta Album Mix (SkyMaster360) (2014)


BTW The Album Mixes Have Some Songs From The Album And I'm Going To Make The Album Mixes A FLAC File So I Can Upload It To The Site Which Is Because FLAC File Are Smaller Than WAV File But Still Uncompressed

CS Alpha Album Mix Is Going To Be On Soundcloud

2014-06-07 02:20:25 by SkyMaster360

So I Maded A Album Mix For CS But I Can't Make It Lower Than 22MB Or 291MB (WAV) But I Can Upload A High Quailty MP3 Of The Album Mix On Soundcloud

 ~ Deep sea ~

/ Edge of the universe /



These R The Track I Used To Make The Album Mix